Here are some personal projects.

10/25/2020 - GameTimer in C

This is a simple timer app I wrote in C for Android. It bears some resemblance to a chess clock in concept, but behaves slightly differently.

5/04/2020 - Self-Hosting

One of my ongoing side-projects is my quest to self-host (along with Andrew at []( many of the services I use on a daily basis.

9/24/2019 - Recipe Card Generator

This summer was my second summer spent living not-at-home and without a meal plan, which meant a quite a bit of time spent cooking for myself. Over the last two years, I have started to amass a fair number of recipes in the form of screenshots and images. I thought it would be nice to store these recipes in an

1/30/2019 - Aquaponics

This is an indoor gardening project started by myself and some apartmentmates at NDSU. [Aquaponics]( is similar to hydroponics, but adds fish as a supply of nutrients for the plants.

7/15/2018 - Blender: IBM PS/2 Model 30

One of my Blender projects, this is a still image based off of an IBM Model 30. The image is supposed to have the look and feel of being from approximately 1987. Here's the main render: