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3/24/2021 - Written from Plan 9 (9front)

Every few weeks, I've been getting an urge to try out a niche operating system known as Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I finally took the plunge.

2/03/2021 - I Accidentally Deleted /usr

Friday night, I accidentally deleted the `/usr` directory on my Arch Linux server. Here's how I recovered the system.

1/20/2021 - Migrating Friendica to Docker

After my friends and I migrated from DigitalOcean to Vultr, I still had to set my Friendica instance back up. Here I talk about that process.

1/13/2021 - Server Migration: Reflection

Almost two weeks ago, my friends and I decided to migrate our VPS from DigitalOcean (DO) to Vultr. Here I discuss the motivation and reflect on the process.

9/21/2020 - Aerc: Configuration Tips

This is just a (very) quick collection of some tips regarding using Aerc, an email client for use in a TTY or terminal emulator.

6/6/2020 - A New Job; No More School

In the last month, I've graduated from NDSU, finished my internship at JDES, and started interning at Voxtelesys!

4/23/2020 - A Long Pause

Hey all! It has been a long while since I've written a blog post, but I'm going to give an update on some of the interesting things that have been up in my life in the last year. In the future, I may write posts to go more in-depth on one or more of these topics.

6/25/2019 - Optimizing Arch Linux Boot: EFISTUB

Recently, I became interested in improving my boot configuration and speed on my Arch Linux + Thinkpad setup (my main machine). My friend, Andrew (at []( gave me reccomendations. After an evening of tinkering, we he and I both felt we had a much-improved setup.

4/20/2019 - Another (Short) Break

On Monday, I started my new position at JDES. I have been moved from the electronic design department to the software department. From what I understand so far, I am on the team that manages the infrastructure for running tests. While it isn't really what I plan on doing for a living, it is definitely exciting to have the opportunity

4/12/2019 - Winter is Back

This week has been unusual in a number of ways.

4/7/2019 - Fishly Upgrades and Financial Signals

This week, we started off Signals with two lessons on finances. These lessons focused on how we can re-focus the skills we have learned so far so that they apply to finances. Specifically, he started off with an example where we calculated a hypothetical loan payment given several other parameters. We did this by first representing the loan conditions as

3/31/2019 - Wait, Free Time?

For the first time in a long while, I managed to have a relatively low-stress week of school. Homework was light, and we had no tests.

3/24/2019 - Back From Break

Over Spring break I had the opportunity to relax and not worry about school for a few days. I also conversed with a friend over the phone for several hours, teaching him the basics behind setting up and administering an Apache webserver on Ubuntu 18.04. He has very limited experience with working on Linux (including over the command line), so

3/10/2019 - Spring Break Begins

Finally, Spring Break is here. I'll finally have some free time to work on some computer stuff I've been wanting to do. In particular, I have changed the configuration of my webserver so that when people visit my website it will now show up as "" even if they type in "**www**". This change also allowed me to adjust other

3/3/2019 - PERLITE!

This week overall was largely uneventful. In hall government we are preparing for our next event, which will be a craft/painting night in late March. In Energy Conversion, we are still waiting to get our tests back. On Tuesday, my apartmentmate and I harvested his second batch of radish microgreens. We attempted to use a knife rather than scissors to

2/24/2019 - Another Test

On Tuesday our Signals tests were handed back. It was a rough test for the class in general. I did significantly worse than I had been hoping for, but ended up still being above the class average. As it stands, I am likely to get a "C" in the class. Hopefully I can move up in the class. We have

2/16/2019 - My Life is Now Signals

This week started off with a Signals and Systems test Monday at 10am. Signals and Systems is, as I've mentioned before, an incredibly demanding class. The test was very difficult, and afterward, it was homework as usual. I spend more time each week working on Signals homework than I do sleeping. Having finished Chapter 1, we have now moved on

2/9/2019 - A Blizzard Delays Our Test

Hello, all! I'm probably going to just do one post per week from now on - it is more natural to give a sort of summary at the end of the week. I've found that trying to do two separate posts during the week leads to one of the two being weaker and of less importance. This way, I'll be

2/3/2019 - No School; It's Cold!

Not a whole lot happened this week, so I'll be doing one long post this week rather than my normal two. This week started off pretty well: my friend and I were starting to understand Signals class when North Dakota entered a deep, deep freeze. Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday plunged to -30F (-34C), and so school was cancelled for

1/26/2019 - Unboxing and Web Updates

With the new lights delivered, I was incredibly excited to unbox them! We ordered them on Amazon from a company called Unifun. In the past, we have had good results from their products, which are priced very competitively. This order consisted of four round grow lights. They came with another company's name printed on them, so Unifun must be a

1/23/2019 - DiffEQ Has Returned

This week, we have started applying differential equations in our Signals class. We are learning about a different approach to solving differential equations in the context of engineering that will involve breaking the solutions into two, more easily calculatable parts: an equation describing the system's response when it only has energy _we_ put into it, and a second part describing

1/20/2019 - Constitutions and Sterlite Bins

This weekend brought about a major milestone in our Hall Government: I, along with our Administrative Director Michelle, rewrote nearly our entire Hall Constitution. This was a change that was long overdue, and it is a great relief to have corrected many inconsistencies and confusing language in it. I quite enjoy preparing useful documentation, so it was very satisfying for

1/17/2019 - Signals and a Fish Tank

Over the weekend, my roommates and I pieced together the first few parts of our second aquaponics setup. So far, we have set up the shelving unit and placed the 15-gallon fish tank in the middle. Our plan is to have the fish tank overflow into the bottom sump tank, so we decided to tilt the fish tank a few

1/12/2019 - Classes Commence!

With the end of this semester's first week, it is already becoming apparent that Signals and Systems is going to be my hardest class. Generally, this is consistent with what my peers have told me. While the content (interpreting electrical signals) looks like it will be interesting, it utilizes large amounts of calculus and differential equations. With this, I'll need

1/9/2019 - Beginning my Blog

Hello, all. This is my first post in my newly-created blog. I will posting here at least twice a week for the rest of this semester as a part of my English 320 class, but hope to continue regular updates even after that. I'll be focusing on school, technology that interests me a particular week, projects I'm working on, and