Employer, May 2020 to Present

Voxtelesys is a VoIP services provider located in Fargo, North Dakota. Their business, put simply, is providing internet phone related services. Most businesses in the last couple decades have started using internet-based phones, known as "VoIP" (Voice over IP) phones. This means that a company that previously would have had to run dozens of phone lines into their building can now route calls over a single internet connection, vastly simplifying their routing and increasing the number of "phone lines" they can provide their employees. It also makes moving employees throughout the building easier, as the phone can automatically know which calls it needs to receive regardless of where it is in the building. When routing calls over the internet, there are several pieces of technology that all have to work together to allow internet-based phone traffic to communicate with the standard phone network. Voxtelesys provides services to make that happen. I started interning at Voxtelesys in May of 2020. Here I'll be primarily learning how the open-source stack (written mostly in C) actually routes the calls. In this position, I get to use a Linux-based OS full time, which I am extremely excited about.