John Deere Electronic Solutions

Employer, March 2018 to Present

John Deere Electronic Solutions, abbreviated JDES, is the division of John Deere (Deere & Co.) responsible for developing electronic components for John Deere's products. They also do work for other manufacturers upon request. I've been working at JDES in Fargo since March of 2018. In that time, I've gained valuable real-world experience on what it is like to work in the Electronic Design department of a major electrical engineering group. I have learned how to apply theory to real-world circuits, while also developing lab skills to match. Following a real engineer throughout his troubleshooting procedure has shown me how actual design problems are diagnosed and repaired in a lab. Overall, my experiences at JDES thus far have grown in me the kinds of skills, intuition, and understanding that cannot be substituted for in a classroom.

I'll be keeping my internship at John Deere until my graduation in May 2020. Until then, I'll be looking for a full-time job for me to start after graduation.