Leadership at NDSU

Hall Government

I've been an active member of Hall Government at North Dakota State University for the past three years. Hall Government is the group of students in each residence hall (formerly called "dormitories") responsible for organizing events, budgeting for hall improvements, and generally advocating and acting on behalf of the general residents of the building.

My first year in school (2016-17), I lived in Sevrinson Hall, where I acted as the Hall Gov president. With the help of the adviser, I learned a lot about maintaining a positive attitude during difficult leadership scenarios. I learned how to run a professional meeting, as well as organizing and mediating groups of people seeking compromise.

I spent my second year at NDSU (2017-2018) in a hall called Mathew Living Learning Center, or MLLC. There, I served as the Vice President. This position entailed many of the same expectations as the previous year, but additionally taught me a lot about how to assist someone (in this case, the president) without necessarily having quite as strong of a leadership role. I also acted as a guide and resource to representatives from freshman halls.

Most recently (2018-19) I served as MLLC's Hall Gov president. I further developed my leadership skills and continued to act as a valuable resource to younger hall members. I gained a better understanding of how to effectively execute events, as well as how to negotiate effective compromise between groups of people.

NDSU Honors

When I started at NDSU, I began working my way through the NDSU Honors program. This program is designed to accelerate leadership ability among some of the most driven students on campus. The program intends on helping teach skills and develop in ways that traditional classes can't or don't focus on. At the end of the student's four year degree, they submit a long-term thesis project to demonstrate that they have met the development requirements for the program. I recently stopped participating in the program, deciding instead to focus on my regular degree. When I dropped Honors, I had one semester to go.