Fishly Upgrades and Financial Signals


This week, we started off Signals with two lessons on finances. These lessons focused on how we can re-focus the skills we have learned so far so that they apply to finances. Specifically, he started off with an example where we calculated a hypothetical loan payment given several other parameters. We did this by first representing the loan conditions as a system, much like we would model a digital filter. Next, we represented the payments as an "input" into this digital system. We then z-transformed them both, at which point it was relatively straightforward to solve for the missing variable (the size of the payments).

Over the weekend, Jake and I were able to prepare a second aquarium for our living room. This one is also a 10 gallon tank, and is configured with plastic bins and a pump like the other. For now, it is attached into the PIC18 and Christmas light timers that we are using for the original setup.

We have a friend Meghan with some fish, but before we add them to the new tank, we decided to let it cycle without any fish for about a week. We added some artificial sponges from her tank. This will allow the bacteria in the tank to start growing which will condition the water, reducing the stress on the fish.

For this tank, we decided to go for a red and black theme. We chose a dark pebble substrate, which we mixed with red pebble. We then added a red artificial plant, a castle, and some rock. Our original tank goes for a more "natural" look, whereas this tank will be slightly more whimsical.

Side view of the new tank

Top-down view of the new tank

We are still waiting for Home Depot to get more expanded clay pebbles. In the meantime, we'll still need to mount grow lights above the new system.

That's all for this week; hopefully we'll have expanded clay soon.

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