Back From Break


Over Spring break I had the opportunity to relax and not worry about school for a few days. I also conversed with a friend over the phone for several hours, teaching him the basics behind setting up and administering an Apache webserver on Ubuntu 18.04. He has very limited experience with working on Linux (including over the command line), so it was a huge learning experience for him. It was very cool to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with someone who was just getting started.

After the first few days for relaxing, I unfortunately had to work on Signals. I had an assignment due after break. On Saturday I contracted a cold. I returned to Fargo on Sunday, at which point I had to focus on studying for Signals. The second exam was on Wednesday, and was (as expected) very difficult. The next day, Thursday, was our second Energy Conversion test. It was also (as expected) difficult. My cold had left me exhausted, which made it difficult for me to study and prep as much as I wanted to.

The weekend was next, and my apartmentmate Jake and I spent a lot of time cleaning. I did some shopping, and then Jake decided it would be a good idea to start working on some improvements with the fish tank. Specifically, we began drilling a hole in the side of the new 10 gallon tank we bought. Our plan is to drill two small drainage holes near the top edge of the tank.

Drilling a hole in the tank

By putting two holes near the top, we hope to have the tank more-gracefully drain into the sump tank. Right now, the tank is currently configured such that the water overflows the edge of the tank and into the sump tank. This is somewhat messy, and not ideal. Next weekend, we are hoping to try a new growing medium so that our grow bed can drain more effectively - I'll have some updates on that after we are able to order and purchase it.

This week, thankfully, I have no tests. I'll be signing up for next semester's classes by tomorrow (still planning on graduating May 2020!), so I just have a few more details to iron out before I'm ready for that.

Till then, have a good week!

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