Spring Break Begins


Finally, Spring Break is here. I'll finally have some free time to work on some computer stuff I've been wanting to do. In particular, I have changed the configuration of my webserver so that when people visit my website it will now show up as "thorjhanson.com" even if they type in "www.thorjhanson.com". This change also allowed me to adjust other settings so that I could (for example) move my Nextcloud instance to nextcloud.thorjhanson.com rather than thorjhanson.com/nextcloud. This configuration is better supported, and leads to applications behaving more predictably. Doing this involved editing several configuration files on my server, during which I was able to make my virtual host files (the configuration files responsible for routing traffic) way more organized.

I have a few other plans for this break as well. I am hoping to have some time to play computer games with my three younger siblings. Two of them are still in high school, and one goes to NDSU (she is also home for break). I'm also hoping to help a friend learn more about configuring his webserver. We are planning on doing some work on an Apache server (running on Ubuntu Server 18.04) as well as changing some routing settings on his Minecraft servers (running on Windows Server 2012). He has recently taken an interest in Linux, and so I am trying to help him get a foothold in understanding it from a server perspective (and eventually maybe desktop use).

Besides doing the things I want to do, there are also some things I'll have to do this break. Unfortunately, we have a Signals and Systems test scheduled for the Wednesday after we get back. I am going to have to put a lot of time into Signals over the break, not just studying, but also working on the homeworks that are due Monday and Tuesday. The most recent section has been focusing on the analysis of systems in the frequency ("s") domain, which means understanding how an electronic circuit will respond to inputs that are various frequencies. I have had some exposure to this in Circuits II already, but this is significantly more rigorous.

Signals isn't the only class I'll be studying for. The Thursday after we return I have an Energy conversion test, for which I'll need to do some serious studying. Our most recent endeavors in Energy Conversion have involved rotating machines (generators and motors) and the magnetic fields involved. We also went over our previous test, which went very poorly for a lot of people (I was about average). The way my current grade is, I'm definitely not going to want to blow this test.

I won't be back to NDSU for another week, and I am really, really hoping our lettuce and spinach we just planted makes progress. If so, I'll be sure to update you with pictures. Till then, have a good week!

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