A Blizzard Delays Our Test


Hello, all! I'm probably going to just do one post per week from now on - it is more natural to give a sort of summary at the end of the week. I've found that trying to do two separate posts during the week leads to one of the two being weaker and of less importance. This way, I'll be able to maintain a higher quality of writing.

This week, we had intense blizzard conditions late Wednesday and Thursday. School was canceled on Thursday, and our parking lot had snow drifts up to my waist. I was, however, able to work Friday. Work on Friday was exciting; I worked with one of my supervisors in the lab all afternoon. I helped him intentionally cause a board to fail so we could confirm how it was failing. The board drew a large amount of current, made a disturbing whining noise, then died with a puff of smoke.

We have a Signals test that is upcoming, which was moved from Friday to Monday. I was very pleased to hear this, since I definitely need to study some more. Our test covers right up near the end of Chapter 2, which for us means it includes convolution. Thankfully, the obscene amount of homework the class provides means I am now quite proficient at performing convolutions fairly rapidly. For the test, I'm most concerned about my ability to mathematically determine some of the characteristics of a system (such as stability, causality, and whether or not the system is memoryless).

Unfortunately, we've been too busy with school to have advanced our second aquaponics setup any further. On the bright side, our first setup's kale is growing quite well! We also see growth on the (incredibly tiny) oregano and on the parsley. Due to the parsley's placement means much of it has been washed away into the rocks. I'm suspecting we'll need to replant new parsley, perhaps by starting it in the Perlite first. Here's a picture of the kale:

Image of kale

On Sunday, our hall government held our Superbowl party. It was a huge success, even if people were disappointed by the game itself. We had very good attendance, and a massive amount of food was consumed. Buffalo Wild Wings was particularly popular, of course, and most of the pizza was also consumed. We didn't have any coolers on hand, but borrowed some plastic bins to hold the beverages. We covered them with snow, which kept them very nicely chilled.

Well, that's all for this week. Till next time!

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