Unboxing and Web Updates


With the new lights delivered, I was incredibly excited to unbox them! We ordered them on Amazon from a company called Unifun. In the past, we have had good results from their products, which are priced very competitively. This order consisted of four round grow lights. They came with another company's name printed on them, so Unifun must be a reseller. Here's what they look like:

Unifun bulb in my hand

As you can see, the bulbs come with a screw-in base rather than an outlet plug or a cord. Since getting individual fixtures for each one would be both costly and difficult to manage, I devised a cheaper plan. Each pair of bulbs would be mounted to a short power strip, using small round screw-in adapters from Walmart. This will hold them, side-by-side, for something like $7. Here is the unboxed light with the adapter and power strip:

Bulb, adaptor, and strip

I also unboxed the pump, and confirmed it works. I chose to go with the same model as last time since I was pleased with its performance and reliability. It also comes with a variety of attachments for different applications. In our case, we'll just be using the barbed 3/8" end.

Unboxed pump

I've now mounted two of the lights above our original aquaponic rig, and I have been very pleased with the brightness and result. They have a much narrower beam, and I appreciate having less light spill in to the living room.

Besides the work on the plants, I also managed to update how my website works. I refined and expanded the script I use for generating these blog posts (the script is pretty basic, written in Bash) to also generate entries for my Projects tab on my website. In the future, I'll be able to quickly and easily compose pages for that using the same technique as my blog post.


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