About & Contact Me!

Originally from a small town in southern Minnesota, I'm now an electrical engineering intern at John Deere Electronic Solutions. I'm in my third year at North Dakota State University, where I'm also a member of their honors program.

In my free time, I enjoy Linux as a hobby, 3D modelling with Blender, and staying up too late. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, particularly those by Jupiter Broadcasting. For physical activity, I like cycling, (occasional) running, and going for walks around Fargo.

Some of my favorite TV shows were LOST and Frasier, and for computer games, I enjoy Superhot, Zombie Army Trilogy, and OpenTTD.

I regularly practice my faith, which is WELS Lutheran, a form of Christianity.

~Thor Hanson

If you want to contact me, and you don't know me, I check my email frequently:

If you have my phone number, you can text me, or you can add me on Telegram.