Originally from a small town in southern Minnesota, I'm now an electrical engineering intern at John Deere Electronic Solutions. I'm in my fourth and final year at North Dakota State University, where I'm also a member of their honors program.

In my free time, I enjoy Linux as a hobby, 3D modelling with Blender, and staying up too late. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, particularly those by Jupiter Broadcasting. For physical activity, I like cycling, (occasional) running, and going for walks around Fargo.

Some of my favorite TV shows were LOST and Frasier, and for computer games, I enjoy Superhot, Zombie Army Trilogy, and OpenTTD.

I regularly practice my faith, which is WELS Lutheran, a form of Christianity.

~Thor Hanson


If you want to contact me, and you don't know me, I check my email frequently:

I recently set up a Matrix server! You can message me @thor:thorjhanson.com .

If you have my phone number, you can text me, or you can add me on Telegram.