Originally from a small town in southern Minnesota, I moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 2016 to start working on my Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. I graduated with my degree from North Dakota State University in May of 2020. I'm now a software developer intern at Voxtelesys in Fargo, North Dakota.

In my free time, I enjoy Linux as a hobby, 3D modelling with Blender, and staying up too late. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, particularly Linux-related ones such as the Ask Noah Show and Destination Linux. For physical activity, I like cycling, (occasional) running, and going for walks around Fargo.

Some of my favorite TV shows were LOST and Frasier, and for computer games, I enjoyed Superhot and Zombie Army Trilogy. Sometimes I still play OpenTTD, OpenSpades, and Mindustry.

I regularly practice my faith, which is WELS Lutheran, a form of Christianity.

~Thor Hanson


If you want to contact me, and you don't know me, I check my email frequently:

I recently set up a Matrix server! You can message me @thor:thorjhanson.com. I'll be writing a short blog post about Matrix in the future for those who are curious.

If you have my phone number, you can text me, or you can add me on Telegram.

I don't have any mainstream social media, but I run a Friendica instance on the Fediverse, a decentralized social network. If you have an account on the Fediverse, you can find me @thor@social.thorjhanson.com.